Thursday 22 October 2015

Wow - the feeling when I go through old posts

It's hard to describe what I feel when I'm looking through my old posts on this blog, both published and some are in draft version. They're sad and depressing, but at the same time just hard and realistic. I've come so far in my mental state, to not have to feel that way anymore. I was lost, I felt like I was drowning in emotions, and I felt pain, not physical but emotional and mental pain. It was a constant, and it was always there. I've moved on to another life, I'm much happier and I have people around me that love me and that's all that matters. To also be able to love yourself fully and appreciate yourself.
So, here's to another decade of writing poems - both melancholic and uplifting. I'm more inspired than ever to keep on writing, it makes me feel alive and free.

I'm only 26 but I've written since I was 13-14, both diary and poems. It's been the only way for me to express what I really think and feel about certain difficult state of minds.

Peace and Love,
Kimmi Madeline

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