Thursday 22 October 2015

Wow - the feeling when I go through old posts

It's hard to describe what I feel when I'm looking through my old posts on this blog, both published and some are in draft version. They're sad and depressing, but at the same time just hard and realistic. I've come so far in my mental state, to not have to feel that way anymore. I was lost, I felt like I was drowning in emotions, and I felt pain, not physical but emotional and mental pain. It was a constant, and it was always there. I've moved on to another life, I'm much happier and I have people around me that love me and that's all that matters. To also be able to love yourself fully and appreciate yourself.
So, here's to another decade of writing poems - both melancholic and uplifting. I'm more inspired than ever to keep on writing, it makes me feel alive and free.

I'm only 26 but I've written since I was 13-14, both diary and poems. It's been the only way for me to express what I really think and feel about certain difficult state of minds.

Peace and Love,
Kimmi Madeline

Saturday 22 June 2013

Apologies for the long pause..

I know I haven't been updating this blog with new poems and I feel very down that I haven't made any time for writing lately or for the past year. I always feel better when I'm writing and I know now what I've been missing out on when I go through my old poems and writings.
I'm in the process of starting to write a book and I have another blog on Wordpress that I intend to update more on the writing progress and about other things that pop up in my life that I find interesting enough to write about.
Will shortly post another poem post here so please stay tuned, fellow poets. :)


Sunday 5 February 2012

Bittersweet Love Story

The heart is breathing again
My lungs are pumping again
I can sense a scent of joy
When your face is in the reach
Filling me; piece by piece
Reminding me; day by day
How loving it is
to have you near
A touch of love
is all so dear

Warm tingling feeling
It's taking over me
Beats synchronize
to the harmony
of love and peace
They tune in for
Days to come
Nights to feel
A bittersweet love story

Sunday 2 October 2011

Lost in Void

Spread the pain out in the darkness
I cannot see the steps I take
Stumble and fall in to a black hole
It doesn't matter how far I go
You made me lose my direction
Lost in your mesmerizing love
Gave me nothing but tears and pain

This life is spent wandering around
I cannot help but to stop and think
Put an end to it and jump to hell
It doesn't matter how far I go
I have lost my path in life
Lost my way long time ago
In tears and pain from within

Now there is only one way out
Burning the feeling of love for you
Tear apart the vein to my heart
that beats for you
It doesn't matter how far I go
I've entered void and keep falling
Deeper in to this sleep
Where no longer love exists

Thursday 23 June 2011

Nothing Left to Give

I have poured out everything I've got
I have nothing left to give
There is no more life to live
Through these endless moments
I stumble and fall
Deeper and deeper
Into this ocean of hell

Slice open my heart
Grab the stone of pain
Throw it out to rot
Empty space is what is left
Void is to be found
Never feel pain again

Drowning in your tears
From your cold eyes
I will never know
If what you feel
Is something real,
So say goodbye
To this soul
Forget the past
Just let it go

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Floating deeper


Moments of deception,
Fill the void of tomorrow,
Last night was just a dream,
Today is another day of hope,
Trembling towards a glimpse of joy

When our eyes meet
I can see your soul
you are such a mystery
cannot resist it, it’s dragging me in,
You’re undressing me, without a touch

Deeper we float in the ocean of love,
What is you and what is me?
Can’t control this much longer
You have unlocked my hidden truth
from a life spent without you

While you are digging in so deep
The sound of my heart is echoing
emotions are becoming so fervent
cannot hide them any longer
breathing in and breathing out
to the sound of your beating heart

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Those precious moments
I hold so dear
Remind me of a time
When you were near
Now I've lost the path
To where you are
But you should not worry
I will find you soon
and bring you back home
to my heart

Days are longer
Nights are painful
Now and then it's hard to breathe
There is no other cure
Than your loving touch
No matter what they say
I will be here the day
You decide to wake up.