Sunday 17 October 2010

Silent night in the cold

Standing here in the cold
Watching the silent night
all alone
I remember standing here
in your embrace
One summer night,
seems far away
but left me with only you
in my heart
oh, so true

In your eyes I can see
the love between us
is meant to be
all I do is think of you
when the night creeps in on me
I can't help but to think
you are here in your dreams

I have hopes and some dreams
of you and me to find the strength
and carry on but not apart
just say the words and
take my hand
I wait for you
to make things right
I'll wait for you
to take the step..

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  1. I read your contribution "Soaking thoughts in ink" in Svensk Poet 2010 and it was a poem that caught my attention to say the least. Not just because it was the only one written in English but because your style resembles much the style of my own.

    Keep it up! I really like your stuff.


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