Sunday 27 September 2009

Moments of Tantric Touch

Wrote this piece for an erotic poem contest, I ended up 3rd place on the first round out of many rounds with different poems on each round. Pretty good position I'd say, hadn't expected it. :P

moving slowly in my sleep
my hand goes out to touch you
you appear before my eyes
i sense your smell
i taste your lips
you feel my heart skipping a beat
our bodies barely touch at first
the heat is so electric within
magnetic vibes are sent all over us
your hypnotic green eyes undress me
loving moments of tantric touch caress me

swallows the taste of your love
our passion glows so red of heat
the lion within you awakens
your hands glide over me
over my skin so bare and soft
the sensitivity in me shivers
when all my senses awakens
you lay on top of me, when
i slowly begin to see
this was meant to be

the light has turned to a spark
our shadows play in the moonlit dark
you enter me so gently
moving in a rythm of love
i see colours in your eyes
you see light in my eyes
we come together as one, when
your soul connects with mine
breathe the air of love
through kisses, warm and long

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