Friday 3 April 2009

Home is a Feeling

I follow every footstep of you on the ground in front of me. I feel the tender breeze touch my cheek like a feather touching me softly. I imagine that it's my beloved's hand and gentle tenderness I'm feeling, but it's actually just the wind blowing next to me. I'm walking this path all alone to find myself a path more known. A path I can walk to see the road more clearly ahead of me, a road more open and free than before. I look to the sky above me and find the full moon watching me in every step I take, I wonder if he knows the path I'm taking next. I wonder if it's written in the stars above, my fate and my destiny. My love and my dearest ones, my dreams and my unfulfilled wants.
The foggy night is clearly making me see brighter within me, I can walk in darkness without getting lost. I can walk without the headlights on or without myself wondering where I am. I can walk and that's all that matters. I am walking this path whereever it takes me, whereever it takes us. I know you're still with me, you're walking it with me. Leaving me when the time comes. Leaving me when you feel is right. Leaving me when I'm wanting more.
Tired of all this walking. Feel like I should get some rest before dawn. But if I lay down here I might not wake up, I might just fall asleep in a long dream into eternity. I want to feel eternity. I yearn for eternity. It's my destiny, it's your destiny. It's our path to walk after we have finished this road. I think I need to take a detour. I walk pass your house and enter my gate to find myself at home again. Home is a feeling. Home is a life. Home is our dream. Home is what we long for so long.
Do you feel home?

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