Thursday 26 March 2009

Words on my Lips

Leaving this place to get some peace
The walls around me craves my attention
The shadows in between plays in the light
The presence of light is haunting
My once only darkest dreams
Leaves me touched with words on my lips
Words of gratitude
Words of wisdom

Flowers peeking up from his garden
His old age is catching up on him
The stroke of the sun is lighting up his porch
I can't do much than to respect his presense
His words of wisdom touches me
His knowledge inspires me
From up above
Through my darkest hours
He's the wise man in my dreams

/** This one could be interpreted as religious or spiritual, but also in a completely innocent way. That there is this wise man in our lives that always guides us, like your old neighbour around the corner or the old man who comes around to your favourite store with lot of wise words. I love stories, I love old people for sharing their stories. **/

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